I need to sort out my thoughts and feelings. Hence, the silence.

My momma always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.



So I’ve been saying a whole lot of nothing. In fact, I’ve been silent…


We moved back to the south.


I really do need to sort all of this out.


So we have been ridiculously busy over the past few weeks.   Continue Reading »


my soul mate Cora and I used to sing crazy songs in crazy ways during college and so we made our selves a band called Folka-Polka where we took popular songs from any genre and folka-polkaized (ruined) them. Our style was neither folka or polka but rather lots of gansta rap, opera and bluegrass. It’s pretty brilliant if I do say so myself. We did a version of a backstreet boys song while she was here that we video-d and husb and I are working on editing it…Someday I’ll post that on here.

We’re leaving in about 3 hours to go to Banff Alberta Canada (one of the most beautiful places in the world) for our denominations assemnly!

Then we are heading straight down south for our CD release Mini tour! I know I”ve been plugging this a lot but it’s been such a HUGE dream for such a long time and i”m just excited that it’s really happening!

All that to say, I LOVED having Cora here, it was amazing…

But His&Hers  will never be quite as good as FOLKA-POLKA

Oh and CORA…you owe me a guest blog.


I’m so proud of my heritage and I really like I’m Southern. I forget that I have an accent and it gets pointed out to me lots. Most Canadians I’ve met think I have a REALLY thick accent, in fact some our friend’s kids decided at church that I sing like a cowboy. 😀 But when we go back home or talk to family on the phone or skype, they tell me that my accent is really neutral and I sound like i”m from somewhere up north, like Virginia or something.

So for my Canadians, and more specifically for our friend Ian, here are some true blue southernisms. If you’re southern, make sure to add your own to this list!

  • A good attitude is like Kudzu – it spreads.
  • So buck toothed he could eat corn-on-the-cob through a key hole.
  • Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full o’ rocking chairs.
  • So poor he’d have to borrow money to buy water to cry with.
  • Slicker than a chased greased hog.
  • Older than the mountains and got twice as much dust.
  • Ol’ boy’s tough as whit leather.
  • He ran like a scalded dog.
  • Rough as a cob.
  • Just as happy as if he had good sense.
  • Cold as a well digger’s tail.
  • So dull he couldn’t cut hot butter with a knife.
  • Crazier than a run over dog.
  • Tougher than a one eared alley cat.
  • Scared my mule (when something really startled them)
  • Faster than greased lightning.
  • Better than snuff, ain’t half as dusty.
  • She’s limber as a dishrag.
  • So ugly she’d run a dog off a meat wagon.
  • Took off like Moody’s goose.
  • As scarce as hen’s teeth.
  • Purty as a speckled pup.
  • Done gone and got yankee rich.
  • Sorry as a two dollar watch.
  • Slick as an eel.
  • Wild as a peach orchard hog.
  • Plumb tuckered out.
  • Full as a tick.
  • Fat as a tub o lard.
  • In all my born days. . .

here’s a few more…

Brandon’s papa says, “it made me so mad I coulda ate icecream, but I didn’t have any so I just cussed”

or one I’ve heard lots, “sweatin’ like a whore in church” but no respectable southern lady’d say that one 😉

There’s a WHOLE list of words that we say that we realized outside of the south don’t mean the same thing…

Ill-in the south you say you’re ill when you’re mad at somebody “that lady at the check out made me so ILL”

Barbeque-in the south this is a noun NOT a verb! It means pulled, smoked pork…”let’s go down to the restrunt and eat up some barbque”

there’s a whole lot more but I don’t want this post to be  too long…



Honestly, our life and daily routine IS so full right now that I can’t even breathe sometimes but I can’t afford to slow down. Do you ever have those seasons in life where you know you’re spread WAY too thin and have too many plates spinning? I”m there and running out of steam! I can’t wait til Cora gets here on Friday! YAY!

Here’s a little peak into our schedule (not than anyone cept my momma would be interested)

On April 27th we go to Banff, Albert, Canada (only one of the most beautiful places in the world) for a our denomination’s assembly

Then back to P.A. for May 1st

Then we head down to the states for our tour!!! Finally!!!! It’s getting SO close and all the details are coming together!


We head straight to Wake Forest (Raleigh) North Carolina and play on May 6th.

Then to Greenville SC to play at the Channel on May 7th

Then jump over to Spartanburg SC to play at Spartanburg Spring Fling on May 8th.

We plan to spend sometime with my Husb’s awesome family! I’m so looking forward to this because I really didn’t get to see them very much at Christmas.

After a short but sweet few days we’ll head back up the mountain to my hometown of Canton/Bethel/Waynesville North Carolina to play a few shows.

We’ll start at Blue Ridge Book in waynesville on the 13th

Then on the 14th WE HAVE OUR SUPER HUGE CD RELEASE CONCERT at HART theatre in Waynesville!

It’s going to be the best and biggest show on our tour! I hope lots and lots of people come and it’ll be a great chance to see a lot my home town friends and family! If you’re in WNC and you read this…I’d like it to be almost as epic as a Pisgah/Tuscola game 😉


Then lastly I’m hoping to end our tour with an evening show in Knoxville on the 15th but the details haven’t been finalized yet.


If your town is not on this list, I’m sorry, we tried to get shows in lots of places but had to go with venues that responded. Plus we’re having to cut the tour a bit shorter than we’d like because of some changes happening in our church.


I look forward to seeing all ya’ll there!!!

Life has been busy. And I’ve been procrastinating.

I keep waiting to post until I can put of pictures of our completed bathroom and basement. But that may never happen. the basement is at about 82%-95% depending of who you ask, and if husb is around. He seriously worked SO hard on it! I’m so proud of him! Plus he puts with my crazy. What an amazing human being. So far he is 1 of 2 people that can and will put with me on a 24/7 basis.

The other pair of that duo is my sweet, dear and amazing best friend who I gladly share with Sheila.

Her name is Cora.


She is coming here in about 15 days. HERE. To Canada. For me. I am overwhelmed at the prospect that she would willing submit herself to putting up with crazy, and for loving me. We’ve been friends for a long time and walked a long road together. I can’t wait. I seriously can’t contain myself.

Things I love about Cora.

1. She’s hilarious. No one can make me laugh like she can.

2. She gets me. My soul…

3. She knows about as much as anyone (who isn’t husb) about me and she still loves me. It’s awesome and terrifies me.

4. She is wise. So wise.

5. She is creative and whimsical and thought provoking and I don’t think she realizes it.

6. She makes people want to be better versions of themselves so they can be worthy of her affection. It’s crazy and she doesn’t mean to, but it just happens.

7. She’s wonderfully, brilliantly complex.

8. She’s an athlete and she has been one of my #1 inspirations and motivators in the body/life overhaul. She just ran a half marathon and looks better than I’ve ever seen her look in our almost decade long friendship. I’m so proud of her!

9. She makes an effort. Usually this just makes me feel like I’m the worst friend ever, but it’s not even like that with her. She just lets you be who you are with no expectations.

10. She has a heart the size of Texas, maybe bigger.


I love her. I can’t wait.


I don’t know what this title has to do with the fact that she’s coming, but it’s a lyric I had written on a napkin so I threw it in there.

my husb is drama.

My dear friend Elise said yesterday that the word “drama” is not one she would ever associate with my husb. Elise and her husb have been some of our closest “couple” friends for a few years now and they’ve known us for quite a while. Needless to say, if anyone would know about husb being drama would them.

Drama is not a word that usually husb would inspire in a normal situation. Yesterday was not a normal day. As you know we woke up way too early. Then instead of waking up and drinking his magical (and non existent) happy juice, I freaked him out cause he thought we were running late. The other part of that story is that we are ALWAYS late. I hate it about us, it’s something we hugely feel convicted about, but I don’t know what it is, we are late no matter how early we get started. Yesterday was case in point. We woke up WAY before we needed to be at church at 9 and we were still a tad late. We are almost always the last to leave, so maybe that helps even it out?

After the chicken feather ruckus died down and we realized that we unintentionally observed day light saving time Husb started his getting ready routine. Men’s routines are a mystery to me. Even if I observe every second of it, I still can’t figure out exactly what it is that he does.

So he goes upstairs, he comes back, then he wanders around and goes downstairs and then comes back. Then he commenced to go upstairs one more time to look for something for me. As he was walking upstairs I heard a thump, THUMP, POW.

Immediately hysterics like I’ve never witnessed before, began. He howls, yells at the tops of his lungs, strings together all sorts of insanity and words that don’t exactly make sense. And this is when it all falls apart. His South Carolina comes out. LORD BLESS! His accent gets all crazy and squealy and then gruff and then loud and screamy. He stumbles back down to the main floor where the stairs open up to dining room and flails himself onto the ground. Husb starts moving around and yelling and turning floor circles. So I’m thinking, either he has become extremely charismatic in the last 20 seconds or he’s practicing his break dance moves (which I never knew he had). The screaming and wailing and gnashing of teeth continues for a few more seconds til he calms down a bit. My silly husb then proceeds to turn his head towards me and strain his neck til he can open one eye and peek at me. A little whimper comes. An eye close. Then a strain, peek and whimper. This goes on for another cycle or two til I can control the urge to crack up and in my most delicate of voices can say, “Well, what happened?”

It was HILARIOUS. I’ve known this guy for a little while now and he has never, NEVER been this dramatic. After it was all said and done and I got him to explain to me how it all went down, we sat down and discussed the ridiculousness. He did admit that it was a tad over kill and a least had a smidgen of over reaction but I never could get him to tell what he was puttin on and what was real.

However, today I did have to swallow my giggles and/or pride and apologize for not being a little more sympathetic because it really did hurt and he has bruises on his knee and shin.

Oh man, I don’t think he’ll ever live down the day that he WAS drama. Not dramatic, he WAS (slept, ate and breathed) drama.

apparently he’s been hangin around with me for way too long.